The ƒ/D Book of Pinhole is Available!

kierselinsky/ April 29, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Subjective Press is incredibly proud to present to you “The ƒ/D Book of Pinhole”. ƒ/D is an online publication that concentrates on the softly focussed perspectives which pinhole cameras present in their many forms. Pinhole photography removes all the trappings of modern technology and strips the art form down to its purest, foundational principals.

“The f/D Book of Pinhole” takes you on an informative ride through the seemingly endless ways in which a pinhole of light can tell a story. 100 artists, from around the globe, contributed their photographs to create a gorgeous montage of captured light. Each of these photographs will pull you in with delight and wonderment at what can be done with a simple pinhole.

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