Announcing the ƒ/D Book of Pinhole!

kierselinsky/ November 17, 2016/ News/ 0 comments

ƒ/D is pleased to announce the Kickstarter campaign for The ƒ/D Book of Pinhole, a 140+ page book that will include 99 pinhole photographs by talented artists from around the world.

To review and back this Kickstarter, see the campaign on

The ƒ/D Book of Pinhole collected the pinhole photos from responses to a Call for Entry in July and August of 2016. The photographs were selected and accepted based on their aesthetic quality, uniqueness of execution, appropriate use of pinhole and, in some cases, demonstration of persevering through the challenges of pinhole. In their entry, photographers also noted their response to the prompt “I saw through a pinhole” – quotes will be featured in the book.

The photographers represent the North & South American, European, and Asian continents in geographical and aesthetic uniqueness. The photographs themselves represent executions that show the “pinhole look” in general as well as the unique ways in which pinhole works with motion and time, bent film planes, infrared, and other techniques and formats.

This book is for:

  • The uninitiated: photographers who are new to pinhole and interested in trying it out
  • The experienced: pinhole photographers who are looking for great examples of a format they’re already working in
  • Lensed photographers: to broaden horizons and see the world in new ways
  • Collectors: to find new artists to research and follow

ƒ/D ( was created to promote the art of pinhole photography. Borrowing its name from the formula to determine a lens aperture number, the site features technical and aesthetic how-to’s, artist interviews, artist features, and regular sharing of pinhole work to inspire photographers to use pinhole photography to open their creative potential. Initially ƒ/D published on a weekly basis until more recently, when it was decided to pivot to a quarterly focus.

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